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As the world evolves with intelligence shaping value chains, data reliability and strategic utilization are pivotal. Tiger Advisory offers a holistic portfolio, enabling you to harness the transformative synergy of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and generative AI (GenAI). By embracing this data-driven ethos, your enterprise can dynamically adapt, securing a sustainable competitive edge while extracting invaluable insights from extensive data reservoirs

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AI Panel @ InCyber 2024

Paris, France
March 26
Vikal Kapoor will be speaking at the AI panel at Europe’s largest Cybersecurity Conference, InCyber, alongside CEO and other Cybersecurity Execs.
Image of Vikal Kapoor, a Senior Partner & head of AI & Analytics strategy at Tiger Advisory.

Vikal Kapoor Head of AI for BFSI


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Printemps des Technologies

Palais des Congrés in Saint-Raphaël
March 22 to March 24, 2024
Visit our Head of EU AI & Cyber Security, Hervé Le Jouan at this event. “ Le Printemps des Technologies ” is an annual objective consists of questioning the Technology/Society relationship by exploring avenues of development and future ruptures while striving to measure and evaluate its societal impacts.

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