Ankit Patel
Regulatory, Compliance & Change Management


Ankit Patel, a distinguished finance and technology executive, possesses extensive experience spanning finance change, risk management, governance, data analytics, and technology across public and private sectors. With roles as Project Manager, Analyst, Strategy Lead, and Management Consultant, he navigates complex business, technical, and regulatory landscapes with finesse. Ankit's expertise lies in change management, big data analytics, regulatory compliance, and comprehensive governance transformations. Currently, as Director of Strategy and Operations at FinHub Innovations, he spearheads large-scale implementation strategies enhancing compliance and operational standards in the finance sector. Notable achievements include leading pivotal projects at Citigroup under the CCAR framework and reshaping risk data aggregation and reporting through BCBS 239 standards implementation. Ankit's leadership in AML transformation projects underscores his ability to integrate KYC processes with advanced technology, ensuring agility and compliance for financial institutions. With academic credentials from Rutgers Business School and Honors College, Ankit's strategic foresight and commitment to mentoring define his career, influencing the industry with innovative approaches to data management, regulatory compliance, and technology-driven transformations.

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