Sean Desai
Managing Director
AI/ML, GenAI, Data & Analytics Transformation


Sean Desai is a distinguished Financial Technologist with over a decade specializingin Regulatory Reporting, Data Governance, and Liquidity Risk within leadingfinancial institutions. Known for effectively bridging the gap between businessand finance stakeholders, Sean excels in crafting and executing strategicroadmaps.

In his career, Sean has demonstrated deep expertise in areas includingBCBS 239, Liquidity Risk, and Regulatory Reporting, coupled with a thoroughunderstanding of Data Governance. His technical skills extend across DataManagement and Migration, with specific focuses on Liquidity, Capital, Credit,and Market Risk.

In the last 18 months, Sean has notably transitioned towards AI andAutomation. He has led ambitious automation projects for Data Quality checksand Data Analytics, involving complex tasks from Data Sourcing and implementingdata quality and completeness rules to integrating machine learning algorithmsfor enhanced senior management reporting. This strategic pivot not onlyhighlights his adaptability but also underscores his foresight in leveragingemerging technologies to elevate data reliability and improve decision-makingprocesses.

Previously, as a Hybrid Analyst and Project Manager, Sean was pivotal inmanaging BCBS 239 Data Governance Programs, ensuring successful projectcompletions. His global influence also includes designing and executingprograms that establish benchmarks in Data Governance and Compliance, utilizingtools like Collibra to align data operations with rigorous regulatoryrequirements.

Sean is a key player in nurturing strong relationships with seniorleadership, aligning strategic deliverables to ensure the seamless execution ofcomplex projects. His unique blend of technical prowess, strategic managementskills, and innovative use of future technologies such as AI and automation,position him as a vital leader, adept at translating financial data governanceand compliance challenges into operative opportunities for growth andinnovation.

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