Vikal Kapoor
Operating Partner
Head of AI & Analytics Strategy


Vikal is a seasoned Fintech Executive with a diverse background spanning financial markets, services, and AI, having worked with prestigious global clients across various roles at top institutions like JPMorgan, Bloomberg, and Deutsche Bank. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Partner at Tiger Advisory, a Transformation Consulting firm catering to Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors, while also serving as Chief Investment Officer at SevenTrain Ventures, a VC firm co-founded by him. SevenTrain Ventures boasts a notable portfolio including ABNB, FLYR Labs, and Droom, with investments alongside major players like Peter Thiel and Blackrock. Vikal’s expertise lies in identifying and supporting top-tier American systems-of-intelligence (SOI) companies across sectors like AI, cybersecurity, and fintech. Additionally, he has co-founded companies like Stateset and Lithium AI, further demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to leveraging AI for strategic business solutions. With a solid educational background including an MBA from ESADE Business School and dual Bachelors from the University of Maryland, Vikal's journey into finance and technology was sparked during his high school years, culminating in internships and a career focused on investing in tech entrepreneurs.

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